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CSE has excellent jobs on sanitary fittings and valves

Thanks to CSE outstanding techniques and strict quality control policy with our own tracking system, combined with the certification from 3A, we have been known in the world and gained well acknowledgement from whole sellers to end users.

At this moment, we are dedicated to manufacturing sanitary parts, including butterfly valves, ball valves, check valves, vacuum-proof valves, divert valves, pressure-relieve valves, plug valves, valves assembly, sample cock valves, sample valves for BPE, diaphragm valves and other control valves; there are also filters, sight glass, ferrules, unions, all kinds of elbows (45°,88°, 90°, 92°, 180°), and all kind of tees, cross, Y-type. In addition, other fittings include O-ring seals, all kinds of gaskets, hangers, male-thread connectors, female-thread connectors, changeable connections, diaphragm pressure gauges, clamps, pumps, plastic projection, etc.

CSE has received authorizations from USA 3A Agency for certificates of sanitary industry for many years, including No.1340 (63-04, Sanitary Fittings), No. 1525 (68-00, Ball Type Valves), No. 1325 (65-01, Sight Glass), No. 1324 (58-02, Vacuum Breakers and Check Valves), No. 1524 (54-02, Diaphragm-Type Valves), No. 1526 (53-06, Compression-Type Valves), and No. 1523 (33-03, Metal Tubing).

Primary Competitive Advantages


Stainless steel material is categorized in a variety of specs: SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L and BPE 316L. In order to have a share in every international market, CSE is exactly following all the product specs popular in each region and make the design faithfully. We follow American Standard ASTM A269/270/A312/A554 and European Standard EN10216-5 for tube and tube fittings. By casting, there are American Standard ASTM A743 and European Standard EN10213-4. By forging, we have American Standard ASTM A403. ASTM A240 is for plate manufacture. ASTM A479, on the other hand, is for round bar. For BPE orbital welding, the material should comply with ASME BPE.

Based on finished products for different markets, we have various norms for dimensions and thickness, inclusive of American 3A Norm, France SMS Norm, Australia AS/CIP Norm, Great Britain BS/RJT Norm, Japan JIS/IDF Norm, European ISO Norm, Denmark DS Norm, Germany DIN 11850/11851/11852/11853/11864 Norm, and winery MACON Norm. With Germany DIN norms, we have Serial 1/2/3 and old type. With DIN Serial 1 and 2, there can be 3 systems (DN for metric system/IM for imperial system/ISO for food and industry) for different outside dimensions.

The world has a lot of stainless steel raw material, plus specs and norms difference in each country and region. We also have special lengths and shapes of products from all companies with many kinds of gasket material for valves. With valves, there will be with a handle or actuator accompanied by types control heads.

No. of Employee: 50

Q.C. Equipment:

  • Surface Roughness Equipment 10 Sets
  • Vernier dial caliper 50 Sets
  • Vernier high gauge 10 Sets
  • Thickness gauge 10 Sets
  • PMI Gun (Niton) 5 Sets
  • Hardness test 2 Sets
  • Feeler gauge 2 Sets
  • Gauge Block Standard 2 Sets
  • Sigh gauge for BPE 8 Sets

Standards & Approvals

TUV ISO-9001:2000/ BPE-2019

R & D

No. of Employee: 38

Contact Detail
CEO: Mr. Roger Shi
Contact: Mr. Jimmie Wu , Mr Eddy
Address:No.65 Sheng Kung 1st Rd, Pei Tou, Industrial Park, Changhua County, 521 Taiwan
FAX:+886-4-887-6918 ; ;

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