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Yield Strength

Hardness testing

Yield Strength

Yield Strength

Use standard product quality control to insurance the highest quality

Establish quality control system
All worker attend QC activity
Create the highest quality product
All over satisfied with customer's demand

1.strict process of standard operation: Authorization through TUV ISO 9001
2.Excellent product quality: Authorization through 3A, SGS of valve, fitting and seal
3.Systematic tracking operation from material quality: Material Certificate of EN(DIN) 500 49.3.1 b

Primary Competitive Advantages


No. of Employee: 15

Q.C. Equipment:

  • CSE Group Equipment (CSE Taiwan): Ultrasonic Cleaning System (1 set), Precision Lathe Machines (1 set), Precision NC Lathe Machines (18 sets), Specialized Machine (4 sets), CNC Mill center (2 sets), Hydraulic & air test equipment leaking test machine (4 sets), Auto bend machine (3 sets), Tee form machine (3 sets), Tube OD/ID quto polished (2 sets), Polishing machine (25 sets), Press stamp (20 sets), CNC machine (8 sets)
  • CSE Group Equipment (CSE Group): Plastic (12 sets), Alu & zinc die cast (15 sets)

Standards & Approvals

TUV ISO-9001:2000

R & D

No. of Employee: 38

Contact Detail
CEO: Mr. Roger Shi
Contact: Mr. Jimmie Wu , Mr Eddy
Address:No.65 Sheng Kung 1st Rd, Pei Tou, Industrial Park, Changhua County, 521 Taiwan
FAX:+886-4-887-6918 ; ;

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