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Vacuum bellow with KF / CF/ ISO flange

Vacuum bellow with  KF / CF/ ISO flange

Vacuum Bellow

Product ID: P154_Vacuum Bellows, Hydroformed Bellows

KF/ CF/ ISO stainless steel vacuum bellows

Hydraulic bellows (Compressible Bellows) are used in highly flexible pipeline systems, usually connected to remote vacuum pumps, vacuum manifolds, to reduce vibration transmission, and able to withstand low leak rates to ensure a hermetic seal.

Edge-welded bellows (Flexible Hose) can provide vacuum CF (conflat), ISO vacuum flange required operating distance, bore size, vacuum container to match the connected flange and manifold.

The vacuum Bellow is Forming out complete 0.2mm thick stainless steel pipe. It has high elasticity and bending characteristics. It is applied to the connection between the flange and flange, and has a good shock-proof and bending effect.


  • Material:
    • stainless steel 304
    • can be required stainless steel 316L
  • Length:
    • 100mm~1000mm
  • Wall thickness:
    • 0.14~0.4mm
      • 0.15mm has good flexibility
      • 0.2mm good strength
  • Temperature range:
    • -200°C~ 450°C
  • End connection:
    • KF/ NW flange
    • CF/ CR flange
    • ISO/ LF flange
  • Polishing:
    • Inside/ Outside surface polishing, mirror polishing
  • Application: High vacuum/ ultra-high vacuum, connection pump, convenient for connection and bending
  • Features: Flexible, easy to bend, vibration absorption, leak test, good flexibility, flexible short bellows

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