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BPE Fitting Valves

BPE Fitting Valves

BPE Fitting Ferrule

Product ID: 38 BPE FERRULE

The BPE fitting valves - BPE ferrule provided by Chiang Sung. The materials are offered for Biochemical, pharmaceutical, chemical and in case of food machine equipment. The chemcial position of Sulphur is between 0.005 ~ 0.017 according to BPE standard ASME BPE-2002. 
BPE fitting grade: SF1, SF2, SF3, SF4, SF5, SF6.
It is necessary you specify at the time of order heat numbers and MTR's are required. Material Test Reports (MTR's) are available to document all heat number.

The serious of BPE products that CSE offers are machined by solid bar or forged. Service Tee, Elbwo, Reducer, Cross as the part number DT-7, DT-8, DT-9, DT-10, DT-11, DT-12, DT-13, DT-14, DT-15, DT-16, DT-17, DT-18, DT-19, DT-20, DT-21, DT-22, DT-25, DT-27, DT-28, DT-29. The serious of BPE products could be conformed with 3A-16AMP Blank End Cap which is made by solid bar, 3A-Clamp and Seal 13PG, 13FG as well as other Adapters. 

ASME BPE 2014 , DT-4.1.1-1, DT-4.1.1-4, DT-4.1.2-1, DT-4.1.2-1C, DT-4.1.2.-1, DT-4.1.3-1, DT-4.1.3-1E, DT-4.1.1-2, DT-4.1.1-5, DT-4.1.1-3, DT-4.1.1-6, DT-4.1.2-6, DT-4.1.2-7, DT-4.1.2-2, DT-4.1.2-4T, DT-4.1.2-4C, DT-4.1.2-8, DT-4.1.2-9, DT-4.1.3-3, DT-4.1.3-3E, DT-4.1.4-1, DT-4.1.1-7, DT-4.1.1-8, DT-4.1.2-3, DT-4.1.2-5, DT-4.1.3-2A, DT-4.1.3-2A, DT-4.1.2-10, DT-4.1.2-11, DT-4.1.5-1, DT-4.1.5-2

  • Material grade:
    • Low sulphur 316L
  • Size Range:
    • 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1.5", 2", 2.5", 3" ,4"
Order Information:
  • Minimum Order: Negotiable
  • FOB: Keelung, Taiwan
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Contact: Mr. Jimmie Wu , Mr Eddy
Address:No.65 Sheng Kung 1st Rd, Pei Tou, Industrial Park, Changhua County, 521 Taiwan
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