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Plate UHT Pasteurizer

Plate UHT Pasteurizer

Plate UHT Pasteurizer

Product ID: ADD2-UHT-01

  • Production output: 1~30 t/h

  • Control method: semi automatic control, fully automatic control (PLC control, HMI display).

  • Main configuration: balancing tank, delivery pump, plate heat exchanger, CSE food grade pipe fittings and valves, recorder, main frame, electrical control system, etc.

  • Application: Dairy product, juice, beverage, hot fill such as tea, pasteurize and cooling.

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Equipment features: High heat recovery rate, energy saving, easy to operate, easy maintenance.

This equipment can be customized design base on multiple sets of constant temperature tubes with different temperature and time combination, in order to facilitate the switching of different products or different sterilization conditions.

Open control system, which can be connected to the filling machine or CIP system and blending system.

Can be equipped with special configuration such as homogenizer and vacuum degassing tank.

Order Information:
  • Minimum Order: Negotiable
  • Branded Product
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